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Misconceptions About Routine Maintenance: -

Many Landlords and tenants are under the impression, that every time a dwelling be comes vacant, or a certain number of years have went by, the landlord must supply a new paint job or clean drapes and carpets or some other kind of renovation. Well, guess what!

The law almost never mandates cosmetic changes-even badly need ones. Of course of the landlord doesn't  spruce it up every now and then it will be hard to keep good tenants. But  that's the market , not a legal issue. 

Paint -There is no state's law that requires landlords to repaint the inside of a unit every so often. (Rarely are there local ordinances that may impose minimal re-painting obligations.)  Unless the paint creates a habitability problem- for example if the windows are painted shut, or flaking lead -base poses obvious health risk.

Drapes and Carpets- The landlord  is not legally required to replace drapes or carpets unless they pose a health hazard. If the carpets and drapes are not mildewy and damp or carpets have holes that would cause a person to trip. The landlord has not broken any law.

Windows-Landlords or only responsible for a broken windows when it was not Intentionally broken by the tenant or a guest of the tenant

Broken windows are considered a habitability problem

Keys and Locks-In many areas of the country, landlords or not legally required to change the locks for new tenants. (The exceptions are Texas and many cities.) However if a tenant  puts in writing that they are worried about renting a unit that has not been re-keyed. and the tenant is burglarized or attacked by someone using an old key, the landlord has the chance to bed held liable in a lawsuit.

Resources for Land Lords: -
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Lease Termination by State Routine Maintenance
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