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Lead Based Paint Regulations by State: -
Arizona Lead-based paint is forbidden inside of and dwelling that may be within reach of a child under seven years old.
Alaska Need to comply with the Lead-Based Paint and Poisoning Prevention Act (42 usc §§ 4801 ET seq) This prohibits the use of lead-base paint in construction or rehabilitation of residential structures.
Arkansas When a child is diagnosed with and elevated blood-lead level the State is permitted to investigate the sources of possible lead hazards. The state is required to notify the owner/occupier of a dwelling detected lead hazards and requires abatement Occupants can not be evicted of an affected residence. Statue (Ark. Stat.§§ 20-27-608) Mandates licensing for abatement workers as standards for removal of lead hazards.
California California Civ. §§ 1102 -1102.6 Requires an owner of a Property to disclose lead-based paint hazards to prospective buyers.
Connecticut The use of lead-based paint is forbidden in tenements or municipally owned buildings unless it adheres to the state and federal regulations.(Conn. gen.stat.§ 21a-82). Residential property deemed "unfit" if paint does not adhere to federal standards or is cracked, chipped, blistered, flaking, loose or peeling.(Conn. gen. stat.§ 47a-8)
Delaware The use of Lead-based paint on any dwelling unit surface, including fences and outbuildings. are banned. (Del. code title 31 § 4114)
District of Columbia Residential property owners with occupants who has children under eight years of age must keep the premises lead free. Housing Department is authorized to order lead abatement within ten days and no more than 30 days. The Right of Entry and Inspection is permitted for any residential property where it is believed a led hazard exists. The Department is required to inform the owner and occupant of any lead hazards discovered. (DC law 5-35)
Georgia Requires the enactment of regulations to train, license and certify lead hazard abatement professional. (Ga. code s 31-40-1)
Illinois A property owner has between 30 and 90 days to alleviate the lead hazard. Abatement must be conducted by a licensed contractor. If abatement requirements are not met, the department may withhold rent from the owner or relocate the occupants until the procedures are complied with. The owner is required to give written notice to prospective residents that a led hazard has been identified in the dwelling unit.  All owners of pre-1978 residential buildings must give prospective lessees a brochure on the potential hazards posed by lead in dwelling units. (410 Ill. Comp. Stat. 45/2 and following)
Kentucky The owner of a residential unit is given 30 days to remove, replace or cover any lead hazard surfaces that are accessible to children under the age of six.  If the department determines that a child under six is in immediate danger from the presence of a lead hazard the occupant may terminate the rental agreement without reprisal. (Ky.Rev. Stat. §§ 211.900 
Louisiana The owner of a property is mandated to remove or cover any lead bearing materials within 30days of a violation, if a child under six or a mentally retarded person resides at the premises. (La. Rev. Stat. 40;1299.26-29)  Licenses are required for lead contractors, reduction planners and inspectors.  The statue also includes a whistle blower provision to facilitate reporting the improper handling of lead-containing substances. (La.Rev. Stat. 30;2351-2351.60)
Maine The use of any lead-based paint on any fixtures or exposed surface of a dwelling is restricted. Lead abatement professionals must be licensed as a Requirement. The Department of Human Services are permitted to inspect residences, provide notice to owners and occupants of any lead hazards and order abatement of exposed surfaces containing a lead hazard. (Me. Rev. Stat. title 22 §§ 1314-1326)
Maryland There was a Lead Hazard reduction grant and load programs set up for owner of residential property to fund lead hazard reduction( see your state code, Md. Ann. Code 83b §§ 2-307and 2-130 to 2-1311).  The use of lead-based paint is prohibited on any interior or exterior surface commonly within the reach of children. ( Md. Env. Code§§ 6-301-6-303).  Owners are required to register their properties containing lead hazards and abate. Immunity from liability is provided in certain circumstances. (Md. Env. Code §§ 6-801-6-852). The lessee is allowed to ask the District Court to hold rent in escrow without reprisal where an owner has failed to abate a lead hazard within 20 days of a violation. (Md. Real Prop. Code § 8-211.1)
Massachusetts Requires training and licensing of lead abatement professionals.  Owners of residential dwellings must remove or cover lead hazards.  Owners must disclose lead hazards to prospective buyers of the property. Mass. Gen. Laws chapter 111).  Provides for a grant and load program for abatement of lead-based materials in dwellings. (Mass.gen. laws chapter 23b).
Minnesota Lead abatement contractors are to be registered with the State.  Provides for the development of residential lead abatement procedures.  Owners are required to abate lead hazards if residents are children under six or pregnant women. (Minn. stat. §§ 144.871-144.878
Missouri Residential lead hazard abatement is required.  Provides for the licensure of abatement professionals. ( Mo. stat §§ 701.300and following)
New Hampshire The Health Department is permitted to inspect residential dwellings.  The owner is required to abate lead hazards within 30 days of notice.  Owners are prohibited from evicting occupants with children under six upon finding the presence of a lead hazard. Owners must disclose lead hazard violations to prospective buyers. (N.H. rev. stat. § 130-A
New Jersey Certification is required for lead professionals.  Establishes a grant program for local health boards to abate led hazards. (N.J. rev. stat. §§ 26:2-130-26:2-137).  The use of lead-based paint on residential surfaces reachable by children are forbidden.  Mandates the removal and disposal of lead paint within ten days of a violation.  Prohibits retaliatory eviction for the purpose of avoiding abatement. (N.J. rev. stat. ss 24:14A-1-24:14A-11)
New York The use of lead-based paint on any residential porches or interior surfaces are forbidden.  Notification of owner/occupant about the lead hazard and suggested abatement procedures. (N.Y. stat. title x §§ 1370-1376A
North Carolina The abatement of lead hazards in dwellings with occupants under six years old are required. (N.C. gen.stat. § 130A-131.5)
Ohio Requires licensure for lead abatement professionals.  Permits the Health Department to inspect dwelllings for lead hazards.(Ohio rev. code §§ 3701.25 and following and 4745 and following)
Pennsylvania Guidelines are established for the certification of lead hazard reduction contractors. (Pa. stat. Ann. tit. 35, §§ 5901-5916)
Rhode Island Lead inspectors and abatement professionals must be licensed as a requirement. The use of lead-based paint in residential property accessible to children under six is prohibited.  Permits inspections of dwellings by the Health Department.  Provides for emergency abatement of occupants have lead poising.  Owners must disclose lead hazards to potential buyers or lessees. R.I. gen. Laws title 23 § 24.6)
South Carolina Provides for state inspections and requires owner to remove or cover lead hazards within 30 days of violation. (S.C. code § 44-53-1310 and following).
Vermont Establishes training and certification for lead abatement professionals.  Requires owners to disclose lead hazards to prospective buyers or lessees.  Allows the commissioner of the Department of Health to inspect other dwelling units in a building upon receiving a report that a child who lives in the unit has been severely lead poisoned .  Establishes essential maintenance practices. (Vt. stat. tit. 38§§ 1751 to 1765).
Virginia Application of lead-based paint on any interior or exterior surface of a dwelling is prohibited.  Requires lead hazards to be removed or covered. (Va. Uniform Statewide Building code, Vol. 11§§ 1701,R224,PM 305.4)
Wisconsin Prohibits the use of lead-bearing paint; requires doctors to report lead poisoning or exposure; establishes guidelines for screening children under six years of age.  When notified that a child under six years of age has been lead poisoned, Department of Health shall inspect the dwelling and may order the owner to abate the hazard within 30 days. (Wisc. stat. §§ 254.11-254.178)


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