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Resources for Landlords
Civil & Criminal Nuisance Laws: -
. Civil Nuisance Laws Criminal Nuisance Laws
Activities the laws target

Unhealthy, immoral or obnoxious behavior which may be, but is not necessarily a violation of the criminal law as well.

Criminal Behavior.
Examples of targeted activities Excessive noise, piles of garbage and trash and inordinate amounts of foot or car traffic Drug dealing, prostitution, gambling and gang activities.
Who can sue Public agencies such as city health departments, law enforcements agencies and in many states affected neighbors, who may band together and sue for large sums in small claims court. Law enforcement agencies only.
Possible consequences to the landlord A court ordering the offending tenant, and sometimes the landlord to compensate other tenant. If a health , fire or other enforcement agency brings the nuisance action based on many violations, it can result in a court order closing down the entire building. Liability for money damages plus fines and imprisonment.

Resources for Land Lords: -
Civil & Criminal Nuisance Laws Consumer Protection Offices
Defective Housing Federal Housing Laws
Landlord Entry Law Landlord Retaliation Laws
Landlord State Laws Lead Paint Hazards
Lease Termination by State Routine Maintenance
State Appraisal Boards State Fair Housing Agencies
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